What to see?

Info centre Prosika

In the area of Prosika, in the southernmost part of the Park, there is a visitor information center. A port for mooring boats, a sanitary facility, a fisherman’s house renovated in traditional style from the 19th century and a landscaped environment welcome the largest number of visitors. A short walk to the north will take you to the bird observatory, which in good weather offers a view of the entire lake. If you head south, along a walk accompanied by informative boards, you will reach a place called Jugovir. The etymology of the Croatian term Jugovir is a vivid illustration of the hydrological phenomenon (jugo: the south wind; vir: eddy) – when the south wind blows the sea-water springs out from underground at this very spot and flows over into the lake. Borelli’s fisherman’s house from the 18th century has been restored at this place, and in the past it served fishermen as a place to stay, a shelter or a storehouse, i.e. guards who controlled the catch of eel, which migrated to the sea and back in the greatest number in this place. While staying in Prosika port, consider renting a bicycle to ride around the Park, a kayak to enjoy silent rowing on the lake water, or to look in the souvenir shop for something that will remind you of the time you spent here.

The educational trail next to the info centre Prosika is suitable for children and wheelchairs.

Dogs are allowed to be taken for a walk on the educational trail, but they must be on a leash at all times.

Offer at the info centre Prosika:

  • rent of single and double kayaks,
  • rent of fishing kayaks, single and double,
  • sale of fishing licenses.

NOTE: By purchasing a basic ticket, visitors have access to the entire Nature Park Vransko Lake, where there are three info centres: Kamenjak, Prosika and Crkvine, six educational trails, among which we highlight – Educational trail “Birds of Vransko Lake” at Crkvine, Educational trail “Viewpoint Kamenjak” at Kamenjak and Educational trail “Vransko Lake Fish” at Prosika. The purchased ticket is valid for one day to visit all locations in the Park.

Cash and card payments are possible at info centres.

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