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ATTENTION: touring the entire lake by bicycle is the most beautiful, but also the most demanding, so we suggest that people who are fit and have experience in cycling or some other sport decide to take this route. Be sure to bring enough water with you, especially on hot days because there are no places to buy water on the route.

Note: Since it is an off-road ride (unpaved surfaces made of gravel, stones and sand), it is necessary to use mountain bikes (MTB bikes).

There are more than 50 km of cycling routes around Vransko Lake, which differ from each other in terms of difficulty as well as the landscape they pass through. The longest cycling route starts in the village of Vrana near the local church and climbs to the Majdan hill which overlooks the ornithological reserve, then continues along the eastern shore of the lake in a southerly direction, i.e. to the info centre Prosika.

The part of the path along the east coast to Prosika is short and passes along the Babin škoj peninsula, where there are the remains of the Liburnian fortress and the remains of the Venetian guardhouse.
On Prosica you can rest in the shade by the canal that connects the lake and the sea and buy water.

From Prosika, the trail leads over the wooden bridge on the Prosika canal along the shore of the lake through Modrave and further through the backcountry of Drage and Pakoštane in the direction of Crkvine.

Bicycles can be rented at the info centre Crkvine.

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