Workshop – Photography in Nature

Workshop – Photography in Nature

On 27th February 2016, the announced workshop “Photography in nature” was organized to celebrate the World Wetlands Day. The aim of the workshop was involving youth from Zadar and Sibenik-Knin County in the international photo competition” Wetlands are essential for sustainable livelihoods “, organized by the secretariat of the Ramsar Convention.

The workshop we held in Vrana Lake Nature Park on multiple locations with expert guidance from the park’s staff and mentoring photographers. The workshop was attended by 7 students of the School for Applied Art and Design Zadar with Professor Tomislav Gržunov, one high school student Anthony Vrančić from Šibenik, 17 members of the Photo Kino video club Zadar and 2 representatives from the Photo Club Murter.

Since the theme of international competition in photography was demonstration sustainable livelihoods in the wetlands, during workshops we visited several local residents in the park that grow vegetables, olives, vineyards, or are living from tourism.

Students applied their photos for the competition, and the best photos of all participants resulting from the workshop will be presented at a joint exhibition.

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