The children, best birdwatchers!

The children, best birdwatchers!

Eurobirdwatch day, the biggest event organized by BirdLife partners in Europe and their local partners was held on Saturday 1.10. in the Ornithological reserve of Vransko Lake Nature Park with the aim of involving the general public in bird watching on migration and generally raising awareness about this natural phenomenon.

The invitation was accepted by more than 100 visitors including about 50 students from Primary School Vodice with their teachers. Saturday morning was ideal for bird watching in the area of educational trail “Birds of Vrana Lake. An associate of the Nature Park for bird watching Leonardo Grubelić counted over 8,000 individuals, members of the 21 species of birds. Small white heron, coot, dunlin and black headed gull were easily obseverd by student and adults visitors with the help of binoculars and telescope along the educational trail with expert guidance of Park staff educators. At this time of the year the bird banding camp is still open, for the purpose of regularly collecting data on migration of birds in the Nature park. Data collected from ringed birds can reveal many secrets of bird: where and which direction they travel to wintering and nesting, how much time they need to reach their goals and how much weight they lose, and even how long they live?

Results so far show that Vransko lake is a key resting and feeding area for many species of birds on the way coming from central, northern and eastern Europe on their way to the south.

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