Start of the volunteer program “Solidarity for Natural Heritage” of the European Solidarity Corps

Start of the volunteer program “Solidarity for Natural Heritage” of the European Solidarity Corps

A volunteer team of 11 volunteers from Belgium and Croatia is selflessly investing their time in the Vrana Lake Nature Park during this and next week.

Through the restoration of the dry wall of the largest olive grove in Dalmatia, the restoration of flood meadows and the arrangement of trails in the Ornithological Reserve, volunteers will learn traditional knowledge and through informal learning build the cultural and biological diversity of the Vrana Lake Nature Park. The program is implemented in cooperation with the BIOM association, which is the leading organization. The transfer of traditional knowledge of drywall construction in the first week of the program is provided by the Dragodid association.

We present their first impressions after the start of the program: ” We’re going to do 2 weeks of volunteering at the Vransko Lake. This beautiful area makes us exited to work here. A few days ago, we arrived in Croatia and settled down in a nearby camping after a long day of travelling. Yesterday we played games to get to know each other better, we got a short guided tour at the lake and an introduction to drystone walling. Today we had our first working day. We reconstructed a part of the drystone wall. It was quite challenging and hot, but satisfying! Afterwards we went kayaking to cool down. We’re looking forward to the next days!



What is the European Solidarity Corps?
ESS is a program of the European Commission that provides an opportunity for young people to contribute to society, volunteer and work for the common good and show solidarity with people in a less favorable position, and at the same time gain invaluable experience and develop their skills. Volunteering projects respond to social needs and strengthen local communities, while also providing the opportunity for informal and intercultural learning and the development of personal and professional skills. If you are a young person looking for volunteering experience and want to be a change agent in your community, or if you are an organization that wants to attract young people to get involved in your activities to strengthen solidarity, then the European Solidarity Corps is the right program for you. More here:

The program is financed with the funds of the European Union from the European Solidarity Corps program.

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