Solidarity for natural heritage – volunteers make a difference

Solidarity for natural heritage – volunteers make a difference

The activity of this year’s project from the European Solidarity Corps program has been successfully brought to an end. With the help of 11 volunteers, dry stone walls were restored, an educational trail in the ornithological reserve was painted, muddy beaches were cleaned of plastic waste, and the habitat of flooded meadows was maintained and restored.

Along with practical skills and knowledge, the Belgian-Croatian volunteer team learned a lot about the traditional heritage of the wider Vransko Lake area, local examples of sustainable use, climate change, birds and wetland habitats, and nature protection through additional and free time activities during the 2-week program.IMG-20220906-WA0005IMG_20220908_144133IMG_20220908_144845 IMG_20220915_104856 IMG_20220915_110005IMG_20220915_110904 IMG_20220916_095037The restoration of dry stone walls and the transfer of knowledge about the construction of dry stone walls and the preservation of habitats are important goals of the Public Institution, and with their voluntary work, volunteers have contributed to the preservation of biological diversity, cultural heritage and the maintenance of visitor infrastructure, which as a result has a positive impact on the local community as well as park visitors.

With the help of volunteers, the Public Institution more efficiently manages endangered habitats necessary for the survival of numerous plant and animal species related to Mediterranean wetlands.


The project activities were carried out in cooperation with the association BIOM as the leading organization, the association Bouworde from Belgium as the sending organization and the association of the 4 grada Dragodid, which provided volunteer supervisors in the process of transferring knowledge about the construction and renovation of drystone wall.

IMG_20220916_095801 IMG-20220913-WA0028 IMG-20220913-WA0029

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all partners for their quality cooperation and support, as well as our volunteers for their dedicated work, motivation and pleasant company. We look forward to future opportunities for solidarity!

The duration of the project is from 01.7. 2022 until 29.02. 2023 and is co-financed by the European Union from the European Solidarity corps program. #europeansolidaritycorps #ESC #cofinancedbytheeuropeanunion.



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