Sailing to Vransko Lake Nature Park

Sailing to Vransko Lake Nature Park

The cooperation between TZO Murter-Kornati, Association Latinsko idro and Nature park Vransko lake, resulted in a new project – touristic tour “Sailing to Vransko Lake”.

This project seeks to acquaint visitors with the importance of a wooden boat, the overseas estates in Modrave and the natural beauty of Vransko lake Nature Park.

The trip begins with sailing on a traditional wooden boat on a Latin sail, which is a unique sign of the recognizability of the island of Murter. The inhabitants of the island of Murter used the boat exclusively for transport to the estates they cultivated outside the area of the island, as well as for trading of agricultural goods. Almost every family relied on using a boat in their everyday life. In this way, visitors would be shown how our ancestors traveled to their olive groves on Modrave, and to other overseas estates.



Visitors will be provided with sightseeing of the Vransko Lake Nature Park and with expert guidance and interactive interpretation of natural and cultural heritage.

Upon arrival at Modrave, the visitors are guided on a short walk through the Prosika canal from the seacoast to the shores of Vransko lake. During 45 minutes, we will take visitors through the tourist route, introducing them to the rich flora and fauna, interesting history and tradition of drywall construction.

The tour will take place in the period from July 8 to August 26, every Thursday at 6 pm from village Murter, the number of participants is limited. To book your spot and pay, contact the Tourist Board Murter by telephone +385 22 434 998 or Email:, or visit the office at the address, Trg Rudina bb, 22243, Murter

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