Opportunity for a special weekend on Vransko lake

Opportunity for a special weekend on Vransko lake

The first weekend in July brings a special offer in the Vransko Lake Nature Park. With the purchase of a basic ticket and the rental of kayaks or electric bicycles at the Prosika Info Center, free expert guidance and a guided tour awaits you in the period from Friday to Sunday, July 2-4, 2021.

Guides are available all three days from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and will conduct tours for smaller groups or families depending on the time of day. In the morning and afternoon, kayak or bicycle tours lasting 2 or 3 hours are possible, and in the warmest times of the day from 11 am to 4 pm in the shade of elms and with the music of crickets, expert guidance for individuals or families and games for children lasting from one hour.

Indulge in the charms of the wetland at the Prosika info center.

Keep up with nature and actively relax.

Expert guides start in the beautiful Port of Prosika, on the shores of the lake in the shade of elm and chaste tree. On the canal that connects the lake and the sea, tour guides will tell you some untold stories about migratory fish, birds, drystone masonry and the former largest olive grove on the eastern Adriatic coast.

From kayak and bicycle tours you can choose :

  • BIKE & HIKE UP TO TWO TOWERS: Prosika – Babin škoj – Osridak – Prosika (duration 2.5 h) more demanding tour.
  • SHORT BIKE TOUR: Prosika info center – along the canal to the sea – obelisk and watchtower – Babin škoj – Jugovir – Prosika (duration 1.30 h); undemanding tour.
  • KAYAKING TO ŠKOJ: Lučica – Jugovir – tour of the bay Donja tonja – Babin škoj – possibility of swimming on the northern tip of the peninsula (duration up to 2 hours); undemanding tour.
  • KAYAKING BY TONJA: Lučica – Jugovir – tour of Donja tonja – Babin škoj – tour of Gornja tonja bay – possibility of swimming (duration up to 3 hours); more demanding tour.

Professional guidance :



Why do the drystone hut exist
Meet the species of fish
Identify plant species of Mediterranean macchia
Discover the tradition of drywall construction
How the Prosika canal was built
learn interesting facts about the biological importance of Vrana Lake
meet bird species
discover a rich history through archaeological remains


Exploration and observation of nature
Entering the traditional drystone wall hut
Free play area by the lake
Interpretation of traditional drywall construction and cultural heritage

Price list of basic tickets and rental of kayaks and electric bicycles, you can see here:

Registration is not required for participation in guided tours, but you can reserve your place for a guide or tour at 097/6025419

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