More than 400 applications for volunteers in nature

More than 400 applications for volunteers in nature

Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection and the project of integration into the EU Natura 2000 (NIP) devised and launched a program of volunteering in the 11 Nature parks and 8 National parks titled “Development of volunteer programs in the Croatian National and Nature parks “. Until now designed is a total of 31 volunteer programs with more than 400 people applied, and applications continuing to arrive.

Volunteer programs allow the systematic inclusion of interested individuals and groups in the activities carried out by institutions in protected areas. All programs are in line with management plans and parks designed in a way to contribute to the protection of nature. The list of all the programs with their full names and job descriptions is on the website of the Ministry of Environment and NatureĀ

The volunteer programme in Vransko Lake Nature Park is Drystonwaller. Get involved in the restoration of dry stone walls of the largest olive grove in Dalmatia Vrana Lake Nature Park. Learn traditional knowledge, master the technique and build cultural and biological diversity of Modrave olive groves!

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