Exposition “Magical swamp” set up at Mašković han

Exposition “Magical swamp” set up at Mašković han

Exhibits of the students who attend the school of applied art and design – Škola primijenjene umjetnosti i dizajna, Zadar, consolidated within the exhibition titeled “Magična močvara” or “Magical swamp”, were created in co-operation with the Public Institution of Nature Park Vransko jezero as a desire to present the natural wealth of the Park through the prism of artwork.

In the course of the works, students who made paintings, graphic design, scenography design and visual art design were led by their supervisors – Ana Debelić, Lea Ljuba Kocijan, Irena Baković Marušić and Bojana Vukojević. The students made 10 mobile displays, 2 collages, 14 pictures, 30 drawings, 5 sculptures and 17 reliefs.

With the aim of placing the exhibition in the immediate vicinity of the Park, since last week, part of the works can be seen at the museum of Mašković han in the village of Vrana. Although Mašković han is located outside the borders of the Nature Park Vransko jezero, visiting the most spectacular monument of secular Islamic architecture in Europe is an inevitable part of the tour of this area.

Thus, we invite you to visit the glorious mansion, enjoy the oriental ambience and exposed showpieces every day from 08:00 until 20:00 o’clock.

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