Educational trails for visitors

Nature Park Vransko Lake represents a place of direct encounter with nature and offers a unique learning opportunity. Find out about the little secret of a big pond, what species of plant is harder than stone, who are the stars of Vransko lake and why we need to be wise with wetlands! Get to know exceptional biological diversity and rich cultural heritage through the thematic educational paths that run along the entire Nature Park.

Educational trail Vransko Lake Birds


This wooden educational path is set in the Ornithological Reserve at the Vransko Lake. While walking on the wooden trail, the view extends to the reed beds which hide various bird species, some of which you may recognise, the Purple heron – trademark of Vransko Lake or endangered Pygmy cormorant to whom Vransko Lake is the one and only stable nesting ground in Croatia.
Educational panels on the path will introduce you to the diversity of wetlands, important feeding habitats for many bird and other animal species and habitats of rare plant species. Info Center Crkvine is right at the beginning of the wooden educational path where in season you can rent binoculars or buy souvenirs with motives of Vransko Lake.

Distance: 450 m
The duration of the tour: 45 min
Number of educational boards: 8
Altitude difference: 0 m
Whether the activity is adapted for disabled people: Yes
Type of trail: Wooden

Educational trail Viewpoint Kamenjak


This educational trail begins at the plateau of Viewpoint Kamenjak and continues along the promenade which leads to the telescope set in a place where you can enjoy stunning views of the entire Vransko Lake, Drage, Pakoštane, Pirovac, Betina, Murter, the entire Kornati archipelago and numerous islands and islets. Besides enjoying the unforgettable view, educational panels will introduce you with the history, culture, folk customs and natural features of the Nature Park. On this trail, set in karst and makia on the highest peak of the Nature park, you can learn when the Vransko lake has formed, what is karst relief and how is it created, which birds of prey and waterfowl live here and much more.

Distance: 300 m
The duration of the tour: 45 min
Number of educational boards: 16
Altitude difference: 0 m
whether the activity is adapted for disabled: Partly
Nature trail: Macadam / rockery
Note: It is recommended tighter shoes for part of the trail in the rocks.

Educational botanical trail


The educational botanical trail is set along the circular hiking/walking trail that leads from the viewpoint Kamenjak through the canyon Mernjača to the dock Bašinka and further through the canyon Orlja Draga back to Kamenjak. On this path set in a typical karst environment you can learn many interesting facts about plants characteristics for this area. You will come across a story about the inevitable holm oak, juniper, mahaleb cherry, fragrant sage, medicinal immortelle and asparagus. You will learn why it was thought that the strawberry tree is poisonous and that the Orchid was created by the stroke of lightning of god Perun.

Distance: 5 km
The duration of the tour: 2h
Number of educational boards: 10
Altitude difference: 273 m
whether the activity is adapted for disabled people: No
Type of trail: Forest / goat path
Note: It is recommended to wear firmer shoes, and clothing adapted to outdoors and a sufficient amount of refreshing drinks.

Fish Educational trail


Educational trail about fish is set in the small harbor Prosika. On the dry stone wall that was rebuilt just for this occasion 5 educational tables are set to tell the story about fish living in the lake. Learn which fish species were living in Vransko Lake before man intervened, and which species were introduced, and what species migrate. Take a walk through this short trail and discover interesting facts about the eel, Freshwater blenny, Carp, Catfish, Pike, Prussian carp and Mosquito fish. During the season at the info center Prosika, find more information about the whole Nature Park, or choose something from our souvenir offer.
Trail length: 0.1 km
The duration of the tour: 15 minutes
Number of educational boards: 5
Altitude difference: 0 m
Whether the activity is adapted for disabled people: Yes
Type of trail: Macadam

Educational trail Modrave – channel Prosika


This educational trail connects Modrave, the former largest olive grove of the eastern Adriatic coast, Channel Prosika, the most complex architectural project from the 18th century and Benča pond, once an important natural livestock reservoir.
While passing through Modrave and observing the outstanding complex of dry stone walls, you can learn in what, farmers used to border their estates and painstakingly work with stone to clean the land. Here you can learn something about the wildlife of karst – the longest European snake and Hermann’s tortoise. Prosika as a point of contact between the sea and lake bears witness to the historical importance of the lake to the local population. Visit the shelters, the cultural heritage of ancient olive groves and vineyards, stone traps for hunting the eel or understand more about the channel and its impact on the Lake ecosystem.

Distance: 5 km
The duration of the tour: 1 hour
Number of educational boards: 9
Altitude difference: 0 m
Whether the activity is adapted for disabled: Partly
Type of trail: Macadam

Educational Path Birds of prey


Educational path is located on one part of the panoramic bicycle trail from where an amazing view of the Vransko Lake stretches. The entrance to the bicycle trail is close to the church of St. Nediljica in Vrana and extends in the length of 18 km. Thereby this educational path is more appropriate for bicycle touring. Following this trail, from stone watchtowers on the Majdan to the wooden observation tower 6 km away, visitors learn about the different kinds of predatory birds and their mutual similarities and differences, and also gain insight into their role in a complex ecosystem, as well as raise awareness about the importance of their preservation and their conservation status.

Trail length: 6 km
The duration of the tour: 45 min (bicycle)
Number of educational boards: 6
Altitude difference: 94 m
Whether the activity is adapted for disabled: Partly
Type of trail: Macadam

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