Code of conduct

Inside the boundaries of Nature Park Vransko following code of conduct applies:

  • picking flowers, parts of trees, grass or any other plants or mushrooms is not allowed
  • hunting or any other means of disturbing, hurting or endangering of wild, as well as domestic animals is not allowed
  • carrying weapons is not allowed
  • damaging animal hideouts is not allowed
  • visits to the Ornithological Reserve is allowed only after giving notice to the Park Administration – simultaneous
  • visits to this area is possible only for small groups, and then in the presence of a Park staff member
  • camping is allowed only on the places which are clearly marked
  • it is strictly forbidden to light fire
  • leaving thrash in any part of the park is strictly forbidden. All thrash should be taken away from the park, until reaching the first appropriate place for its disposal
  • dogs are allowed in the park, but should be kept on a leash
  • taking photo and video material in commercial purposes is not allowed
  • walking outside marked trails is not allowed
  • buy the ticket to enter the Park area and keep it until the end of the visit
  • wear comfortable clothes and bring enough food and water. Take sunscreen and anti-mosquito protection during summer time
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