Bat Night in the Vransko Lake Nature Park and Maškovića Han

Bat Night in the Vransko Lake Nature Park and Maškovića Han

On Saturday, August 28, 2021, in the Vransko Lake Nature Park, the International Bat Night was marked with an educational program for children.

Bad weather conditions with rain changed the plans for the workshop, so part of the program was held in the area of ​​the Mašković Han Museum instead of in the area of ​​the Adrenaline Park.

On that occasion, all participants were successfully transported to Mašković Han by an electric train from Pakoštane. After a short introduction about miraculous flying mammals, both parents and children rolled up their sleeves and embarked on creative workshops of making masks and hats with a bat motif and numerous colourful props.

After the creative part, many children of all ages participated in the game “echolocation” and search for bats with an ultrasonic detector at the location near the info centre Crkvine at dusk when increased activity of bats during feeding was expected. Due to lower temperatures unfortunately, we were not able to find the bats at that location.

All 35 species of bats in Croatia feed on insects, which is why we consider them natural insecticides and extremely useful animals. A very large number of bat species as well as their habitats are endangered globally. Events such as this are therefore extremely important for sensitizing the youngest and raising public awareness of the importance of protecting vulnerable groups of organisms.

We thank Mašković Han for the space for holding workshops and all participants for their creativity and interest.

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