The organization of the institution

The public institution is managed by a five-member Board, which is composed of the president and four representatives of the local community, the scientific community, non-governmental sector and one representative of the workers. The director of the institution manages the organization and business activities. Both members of the Governing Council and the Director of the public institution are appointed by the Minister responsible for nature protection (currently Minister of Environment and Energetics). Professional activities of management of the protected area are the responsibility of the expert service, led by expert manager, who is appointed by the Governing Council. The internal organization, jurisdiction and functioning of the institution are set by the Statute and Rules of internal organization and methods of work.
Within the Public Institution Nature Park Vransko Lake there are five organizational units.



Members of the Governing Council of Nature Park Vransko Lake:

  • Karla Fabrio Čubrić, President
  • Martin Bungur, member
  • Dinko Marin, member
  • Vedran Lucić, member
  • Dario Rogić, member