Info centre Crkvine

Info centre Crkvine

Info centre is located in the north-western part of the Park, in the Ornithological reserve, at the entrance to the educational wooden trail “Birds of Vransko Lake”. Within the Info center is a souvenir shop and toilets. At the Info centre Park’s staff will provide visitors with more information about the Nature Park and visitor programs. Here visitors can purchase their entry ticket; take a bike and tourist map and rent binoculars to observe the rich bird life while walking along the wooden trail in the Reserve.

Walking along the 450 m long wooden trail you can get familiar with some of 256 different bird species that feed, nest, hide or rest in dense reed beds of the Ornithological reserve, and perhaps among them spot the stars of the Vransko Lake, Purple Heron and Pygmy Cormorant. After pleasant walk here we will be happy to refer you to other attractions in the Park.

Near the Info centre Crkvine is an Ornithological research station where every year, since 2004., the summer ringing camp with a strong educational role is being held. The camp is held on average one hundred days a year, from July/August to September/October and includes the period of autumn migration of birds. During the camp visitors have an opportunity to see the birds at close range, which provides an unforgettable experience.

NOTE: The basic ticket applies to the whole Nature Park Vransko Lake, with 3 Info centers: Kamenjak, Prosika and Crkvine, six educational trails among which – Educational trail “Birds of Vransko Lake” at Crkvine, Educational trail “Viewpoint Kamenjak” at Kamenjak and Educational trail “Vransko Lake Fish” at Prosika. The purchased ticket is valid for one day to visit all three locations in the Park.

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