Adventure Park

Adventure Park

The Adventure Park is located near the info centre Crkvine in the pine forest surrounded by a magnificent landscape and the biggest natural lake in Croatia.
Experience the adventure and test your skills while walking on wooden mushrooms, hanging bridges, nets and trying out rock climbing, slackline and zipline.

Working hours:

Starting from 8th of September Adventure Park is organised only with prior reservation (at least three days in advance).

Reservation information is available at :+385 (0) 23 383 181 (Monday – Friday , 8:00 – 16:00)


Price list

Birthday parties at the Adventure Park!

The Adventure Park at Vransko lake offers a perfect blend of activities and natural sights for an unforgettable birthday celebration!

Birthday Package:

  • duration: 3 hours (up to 2-hour usage of the trails in the Adventure park + cake time and socializing)
  • usage of adventure trails (course 1 and/or 2) is dependant on the height of children
  • free use of protective gloves
  • usage of the wooden table on site
  • cake, food, drinks and accessories are not included (you can bring your own cake and food or order a pizza; make sure to bring your glasses, plates etc.)
  • it is necessary to have at least 10 children in order to book a birthday celebration
  • the package includes 10 children + birthday celebrant free of charge
  • an additional fee is 50,00 HRK per child
  • it is necessary to book at least a week in advance!

Reservation information is available at: +385 (0)23 383 181.

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